Five reasons why Remote workers choose coliving.

We have seen recently with the increase in the number of freelancers and companies being flexible with their employees working out of office, due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic most of them have moved to working remotely and are preferring to live in coliving or shared living spaces.

Though working remotely sounds very flexible and inspiring, it's very difficult for anyone to create that space at home for the creativity and productivity to kick in, coliving spaces are trying to bridge the gap and are becoming the perfect fusion and solution for remote workers to live in and work at.

Here are some of the reasons why remote workers prefer to live in coliving spaces:

i) Work- Life Balance

Each passing day our lives are only getting busier and there is more hustle increased in our day to day lives. To rewind yourself from this and focus on your well-being have become equally important and necessary. Boston Living gives you what you need to keep yourself fit with a gym, futsal ground and regular zumba classes, a gaming room to come together with people living in the community to show off your skills.

ii) Network with professionals

Coliving spaces are the best to network with a wide range of people from entrepreneurs, IT Professionals to social workers, artists, content creators to interact with and form connections with. A pool of financial advisers, graphic designers and marketing experts are a part of the community who would be more than happy to help out on various projects and give their ideas.

iii) Free up some time from their schedule

Living in coliving spaces saves remote workers a lot of time as they don't have to worry about cooking their meals or tidying up their space. They tend to save up a lot of time due to this which increases productivity. Moving to stay with Boston Living is an amazing option as it provides all of the above which relieves a person as everything is taken care of with an all inclusive bill with no extra charges.

iv) Explore More

Coliving communities tend to have many events that tend to take place which help you explore new things, interact with more people and scale up your skills. They also organise shows with stand up comedians and talk shows exclusively for their community. Skill building events like coding classes, pottery and arts are also something they encourage.

v) Spaces to work

Apart from just providing a space to live in, they also have spaces designed to go work in, cosy corners around the property to work from, cafeteria(s) to enjoy a meal while working. All these which create a beautiful to work in will enable your creativity and thoughts flow flawlessly.

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