Busting myths of coliving

Here are some big misconceptions people have about coliving spaces. We would like to dismantle some of them:

i) It’s only for people under 30 or students to stay in

This is a huge misconception people have regarding coliving spaces as they have a huge variety of people living with them at different stages of their life. They cater to people who are starting out businesses and find it as a place to network and interact with more people to have students who are just starting out in their careers to people in their late 40’s who find this as a change of place. Some families also find this as an interesting and simpler way of living and stay with us.

ii) Invasion of Privacy

Privacy is something that is not compromised at all from our end as we all understand the importance of having your own space. Keeping that in mind we have designed spaces which allow a person to never feel like their privacy is invaded. From private washrooms to small modular kitchens they give you your own privacy. You can always interact and find people in the common areas of the property.

iii) Not Couple Friendly

We are open to all and have no restrictions towards any kind of people staying with us. To a single person or a couple to friends. Everyone is welcome here.

iv) Not an option due to COVID-19

We take all the necessary precautions on the property and ensure social distancing among people is maintained. As we have a massive property which helps all the residents living with us spread across the property and continuous cleaning and sanitizing has helped us avoid any problem or disturbance. We also have 24/7 services at the property who are working towards the safety of the residents.

v) It sounds like where hippies would stay

We cater to a large audience and ensure each of our residents have a great stay with us and all their needs are attended to. We have people from all over the country stay with us with different origins, interests and professions. Such a huge mix of people coming and living together is a beautiful sight to look at and experience.

vi) Might not be suitable for remote workers

This is one the most suitable place for a remote worker to stay and work out of as they get a space to work in the property they stay in and can differentiate work space and living space. They also get to work in different parts of the property which have many corners which will suit them to focus, conquer and create. And access to Super fast WiFi: Check!

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